Linked Pop Up System - 3m x 2m - Kit 2

£933.00 £1,119.60 inc. VAT
£933.00 £1,119.60 inc. VAT

This linked pop up system is made up of three individual pop up displays joined to form a large U-shaped backdrop.

Kit 2 includes: two 3x1 straight frame EventPro pop up displays; a 3x2 straight frame EventPro pop up display; two "ghost" panels to link everything together; 4 x Powerspot 950 floodlights and 1 x Zeus wheeled transport case with graphic wrap and wooden table top.

This kit is ideal for small size exhibition shell schemes. Here Kit 2 is shown on a 3m x 2m shell scheme with 1 open side.

As linked pop displays are such a modular system, please contact us directly if you would like a custom quote on a bespoke stand for your needs.

Lifetime hardware guarantee
Includes printed graphics
Includes carry bag / case

Full details

Kit 2 Features:

  • Two 3x1 straight frames and a 3x2 straight frame included
  • Self-locating magnetic locking bars
  • Clip on graphic fittings
  • Graphic drops (including 2 x ghost panels)
  • 1 x Zeus moulded plastic wheeled transport case
  • 3 x Folding wooden case top
  • 1 x Case graphic wrap
  • 4 x Powerspot 950 floodlights
  • 2 x D-End graphic panels.
  • 2 x linking 'ghost' panels.

Pop up display bundles are ideal for all manner of display uses. Due to their amazing portability, they are most often used in exhibitions or trade shows for shell-schemes or space-only exhibition stands. However they are suitable for a number of retail or promotional uses such as in shopping centres, reception areas or marketing suites.

Please note that the 3x2, 3x3 etc. frames do not refer to metres, but rather the number of quadrants within the frame. For the exact dimensions, please see the full specification below.

There are a number of optional extras available for linked pop up systems. These are: extra Powerspot 950 150W Floodlights, Powerspot 1060 LED Floodlights, LCD brackets, Table Top iPad holders and replacement graphic panels are all available.


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