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How To Use Video at your Next Trade Show

Trade shows are incredibly competitive spaces, where every exhibitor is fighting for the attention of attendees. One of the best ways to create a buzz is through using video content – which, according to recent research from Hubspot, is the preferred form of business content according to consumers.

With 76% of trade show exhibitors saying that their event is integrated with their other marketing campaigns, video is a great way to ‘join the dots’ between events, social media, email and online channels. Therefore, using a trade show to share existing videos – as well as create new video content - is a great way to conduct an omnichannel marketing approach – ensuring your brand has multiple touch points with the prospect, before, during and after the show.

If it’s your first-time using video marketing, knowing how to use this media at trade shows can be daunting. How do you create the videos? Once they’ve been created, how should they be used? Here, we look at the different types of trade show video, and the benefits of each type:


Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your trade show promotion only starts at the event – there are a number of ways you can create a buzz around your brand even before the show begins, with video an important part of this.

When thinking about your pre-show video, try to create a video with at least one of these key objectives in mind:

  • Creates excitement about the show

  • Creates awareness of your exhibition stand location and number

  • Introduces your sales team for the event (people will be more likely to engage with a sales person they recognise!)

  • Introduces any promotions or giveaways at the event

For pre-show videos, consider short, personal videos where you communicate your excitement about the event. Don’t get hung up on production quality for these videos, by following some simple tips you can create fantastic content using a smartphone or tablet. In fact, many users actually prefer this type of user-generated content, seeing it as more authentic than slick, corporate videos.

Social media is the best way to distribute user-generated videos, with Instagram and Facebook the best mediums for this type of content. Promote your brand to attendees and other exhibitors by sharing the videos using the event’s official hashtag on Twitter and on any Linkedin groups set up for the event.

During the Show

There are two aspects to think about video content at a trade show: the video you will be displaying at the show; as well as what video content can be produced during the event.

Videos to Display During a Trade Show

These videos will be pre-recorded for you to use at the event. There are a few different types of video to consider:

  • Sales video:

This video will be played on a loop on your exhibition stand. It needs to be highly engaging, getting across your key products or services succinctly as the visitor passes by. You want this video to stimulate interest in the passer-by and encourage them to speak to your sales team.

This type of video is best created professionally, with no sound (exhibition halls are usually very loud!), using subtitles instead if any extra info is required. For a really stand-out video, use AR or VR technology to create more engaging videos for passers-by!
Top Tip: For better engagement, make sure your sales video is playing at eye-level height. You can do this by mounting a monitor onto your exhibition stand or having a freestanding AV stand or tablet display stand.

  • Informational video:

Alongside your snappy sales video, you may also want to include a more informational video such as a case study or product demo. 92% of trade show attendees say their main reason for attending trade shows is to see new products being featured, and videos can be a great way to do this. These videos need to be more in-depth and are best displayed after the user has been qualified as being interested.
Top Tip: Make sure you test ALL your equipment before the show (USB or other media playback device, monitor and any connecting cables). No one wants to see a blank screen at the event!
Below is a great example of a promotional video to play at the trade show. It's from 3D photgraphy company Matterport.

Videos to Produce During a Trade Show

A trade show is also a great opportunity to create new video content for your brand. Here are a few ideas for some types of video to film at the event:

  • Live Streaming Keynote Speakers: Filming and live streaming important speakers (especially if they’re related to your brand) is a great way to show your passion and knowledge for the industry.

  • Interview Attendees: Be the ‘unofficial reviewer’ of the event, speaking to attendees on how the show went, what they thought of the speakers and their impressions of your product or service. This positive feedback can be great social proof of what people think of your product or service, with many customers valuing authentic feedback from people interacting with your product or service.

  • Promotions & show giveaways: Create videos enticing visitors to come and visit your stand. Running a show giveaway or other competition? Let people know with a quick, fun video explaining the process. You can also film the prize-winner receiving their item and getting their immediate reaction!

Top Tip: For a complete overview of the show, ask a video production company to film your sales team in action, speaking to customers and showcasing your product or service to visitors. These videos can then be used in your after-sales promotion and on your website.

After The Show

After the show, you can really start to use some of the videos you have filmed, leveraging the content to help your sales team follow-up leads as well as using the content for more long-term marketing strategies. Here are some ways you can use video after a trade show:

  • Thank You Email: No trade show attendee wants the ‘hard sell’ straight after the show, so send your new customer list a video reviewing the show and thanking them for visiting your stand. This is a good initial contact, preparing them for a more targeted sales call.

  • Host Content on your Website: Videos created at a trade show are a great way to show the human side of the business, showcasing your products and the team behind it. Use this content on your website and on social media to promote your brand.

Below is a video made for kitchenware company KitchenCraft showcasing their involvement in the Spring Fair exhibition.

In Summary

Video is becoming integral to marketing, thanks to how engaging and personal it can be, with video content generating an amazing 1200% more shares on social media than images and text combined.

A trade show is a great opportunity to both display existing video content as well as create new videos for your brand to use across a range of platforms. Use the tips above to make the most of video marketing at your next trade show and watch the positive results unfold!

Let us know in the comments below if you've had any success with video marketing at a trade show!

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