How does our relationship with ESSA protect you?

Display Wizard are members of ESSA, the Event Supplier and Services Association, representing contractors and suppliers of goods and services to the exhibition industry.

As members, Display Wizard are committed to providing service of the highest quality to our clients as detailed in the ESSA ‘Quality Service Charter’ below.

ESSA Quality Service Charter

  1. All work or services will be carried out to an agreed specification and time-scale.
  2. All work will be explained, costed and agreed.
  3. All materials used will meet the required Industry Standards.
  4. Health & Safety and environmental issues will have a high priority in every aspect of the project.
  5. Member companies will only use workers who are experienced and competent to fulfil their role.
  6. All enquiries will be dealt with efficiently and courteously.
  7. All exhibitors working with an ESSA member is insured up to the sum of £100,000 per member engaged in exhibition installation works, supply of exhibition services and/or equipment. Please see the ESSA Bond for more details.

These assurances, plus the cover of the ESSA Association Guarantee to customers of Bond Members, set us apart from other Contractors and Service Providers to the Exhibition Industry. The ESSA Quality Service Charter is a statement of the minimum level of service and commitment that you will receive from any ESSA Member.