6 Panel & Pole Presentation Board Kit

£208.00 £249.60 inc. VAT
£208.00 £249.60 inc. VAT

Ideal for promotional event display or as a more permanent informational display, the 6 Panel & Pole Presentation Board Kit will help you make a big impact wherever you choose to display.

The modular 6-Panel & Pole Portable Display Board kit is supplied with either standard panels onto which graphics can be attached or our frameless panels which feature an integral frame. All panel types are hook and loop fastener-friendly and are available in a range of colours. An optional Header Panels can also be purchased as an extra attachment.

1 year hardware guarantee

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The kit comes with poles and feet for a freestanding display, whilst the frame can be supplied as black or grey. There are 6 modular panels and one detachable header panel included in the kit, whilst more panels can be added to extend the display.

The standard panels measure 900mm x 600mm and have a recessed panel face meaning graphics up to 3mm think to be fixed onto each panel. These graphics can remain on the kit during transport - the standard panels come with a carry bag for easy transportation.

The frameless panels measure 1000mm x 700mm and have an integral frame offering a seamless design. The frame is strong, durable and stable but cannot accommodate printed panel graphics - the frameless panels do not currently come with a carry bag.

Ideal for promotional purposes or in a school, college or organisation, the 6-Panel & Pole Kit can also be supplied with a number of accessories and extras. These include hook fastener for attaching posters and other items, spotlights for illuminating the kit and main panel or header printed graphics which can be attached to the kit itself.

NB: Powerspot 750 light is not suitable for standard panels

Please note: This is a bespoke made-to-order item.

Display Boards Size6 Panel
Overall Dimensions (Millimetres)-
Weight(kg) 6 Panel & Pole Kit - Standard: 14
6 Panel & Pole Kit - Frameless: 14


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