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Save Money On Exhibition Electricity Costs

If you’ve ever exhibited at a trade show, you’ll know that there are many additional costs that have to be taken into account, including electricity for your stand. This can often come at a high cost, we have seen prices between £200-£800 for electricity alone, with a £15-£50 electrical testing charge on top of this.

Our Solution

That’s where our new Exhibition Powerpacks come into play – they are an ideal solution for powering LED lights on your stand, and charging laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other mobile electronic devices you are using.

Although the initial price may seem high, these powerpacks will often pay for themselves with only one or two events, so if you are planning on exhibiting more than once, they are worth considering!

Testing the Powerpacks

At a recent show we powered our LED counter lights from this powerpack for both days. Alongside saving on costs for an extra plug, it also meant that there were no messy cables to deal with, as the battery sat nicely inside the counter.

The Powerpacks use innovative Lithium batteries that can be easily charged via a mains supply or even a car, perfect for exhibitors who need power on-the-move.

Select a Powerpack for your needs

We offer two different types of Powerpack which differ in terms of power output. Before choosing a model it’s worth considering the appliances you need to run off the Powerpack.

The two models we offer are the Powerpack 100+ and the Powerpack 450+. The Powerpack 100 offers 150 Watt/Hour (Wh) of power, whilst the 450 offers 444 Watt/Hour of power.

To give you an idea of the amount of power this can supply to your device, the Powerpack 100+ can power a single 12W Powerspot LED floodlight for 10 hours with the 450 able to power the light for 80 hours. You will need to take into account these times before your event and make sure the pack is only being used for essential items for your trade show stand.

One thing both Powerpacks offer is a range of output options, with the ability to output DC, USB and AC power for UK plugs.

Estimated running times for the powerpack can be found in this PDF – however, the best way to check the run time of the powerpack is to do a test run on what you want to use for the show beforehand.


If you exhibit on a regular basis, or even a couple of times a year, these powerpacks can save you a significant amount of money in the long term, and avoid safety issues with cables leading across your stand.

Just remember to charge the battery when you have finished with it, ready for the next show!

If you have any questions about our Powerpacks, please contact Display Wizard today.

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