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The 7 Best Lead Capture Apps for Trade Shows

Collecting leads at a trade show or exhibition is the reason why people invest time and effort into exhibiting at events.

However, taking visitors' details can often be chaotic when done with just pen and paper, and can lead to lost leads and incorrect contact details being taken - not to mention the fact that writing everything out by hand can be extremely time-consuming!

That’s where lead capture apps come in – they help you gather all the most important information about your leads using a tablet or smartphone. Many of these apps allow for direct integration with a CRM system, meaning you save valuable time inputting your leads into your database. In addition, if used with a tablet and an ipad display stand you can create a self-service kiosk, so prospects can input their data without your supervision.

Check out our impartial guide to the seven best lead capture apps for exhibitions below:

Survtapp (Android)

What We Say: If you want to have a survey-style approach to lead-acquistion - with questions that gather detailed information about the prospect - then Survtapp could be for you.

Whilst this app can be used offline, it does not currently have any integration with CRM systems meaning you will have to input the data manually into your system.

Pricing: Survtapp costs $220 a year for the basic service with extra charges for additional devices.

Leadr (iOS & Android)

What We Say: Leadr is a highly customisable lead collection app that has an extremely versatile pricing plan where you buy tokens which are valid for a certain number of leads collected.

This makes it more suitable for companies who might just have one-off shows and don't want to commit to an annual contract. One issue is the pay-per-lead subscription level doesn't integrate directly with your CRM, although CSV lists can be easily uploaded.

Pricing: At only £29.99 for 100 leads this is a highly affordable lead capture app, although there are higher pricing levels if you require integration with a CRM system.

On Spot Social (iOS)

What We Say: On Spot Social is a customisable app that can be used to collect a wide range of different customer information via your tablet or smartphone, and can even be used offline if required.

This data can be synced with email marketing software such as AWeber, Constant Contact, Mailchimp and iContact and ishighly intuitive, offering a user-friendly experience for attendees and companies alike.

Pricing: On Spot Social charge $49.99 for a one-off event (weekly charge) or $174.99 annual subscription.

Camcard (iOS & Android)

What We Say: This is a slightly different approach as this low-cost option works as a scanner which can interpet business card information and sync with your CRM system.

This tool can take away the stress of inputting lots of data into your CRM (currently only Salesforce and SugarCRM are available), although you may miss out on more detailed information about each lead such as the product they are interested in. They also have an option for e-business cards where you can exchange information with other app users electronically.

Pricing: From $5 per user a month this is a cost-effective solution for rapid business card integration with CRM.

QuickTap Survey (iOS & Android)

What We Say: QuickTap Survey has similar features to On Spot Social with large user-friendly templates for creating customer surveys at trade shows and events. You can export the leads instantly to Mailchimp, Sales Force or via APIs and can even use the app offline.

Pricing: There are 3 tiers of pricing for Quick Tap Survey, with the ‘Advanced’ tariff costing $49 a month. However, this is just for one device, so you will need to purchase a higher band for multiple devices.

ProLeads (iOS & Android)

What We Say: Proleads is advanced software that can pre-qualify your leads at trade shows to suggest who you should be interacting with. Connecting directly with Salesforce, Proleads allows you to automate many of the processes involved in acquiring, nurturing and converting leads.

Pricing: Proleads is a seriously sophisticated peace of kit – and that comes at a cost, with $599 billed annually for the Pro account, although you do get training and support included in this price.

Akkroo (iOS & Android)

What We Say: Akkroo is one of the most intuitive trade show data capture apps as it can pre-qualify leads and direct them into specific sales funnels. This app delivers on data by making things like your event ROI easily accessible and integrates with a wide range of CRM systems.

Pricing: Pricing starts from £129 per month, although you will need to pay more for integration with CRM systems. Billing is annually making this a large outlay more suitable for medium to large-sized businesses.Do you agree with this list or do you have any other suggestions? If you do, leave us a comment below and we'll check it out!

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