XL LED Pop Up - Metal Connectors (pack of 2)

£24.00 £28.80 inc. VAT
£24.00 £28.80 inc. VAT

These metal connectors for our XL LED Pop Ups allow for the system to be set up in a huge range of configurations, to suit your requirements.

As well as being able to connect frames in a straight line, and around 90 degree corners you an also create, cross, star and T shapes.

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These metal connectors allow the XL LED Pop Up System to be set up in a variety of different configurations, including:

  • Straight lines
  • 90 degree corners, which allows you to create an "L" or "U" shape
  • Cross Shape
  • Star Shape 

The connector is inserted between the vertical system components and guarantees a stable connection between systems. Two connectors are provided.