Twist - Modular Display Stands - 6m x 4m - Kit 25

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The Twist modular display system a reconfigurable and highly portable banner system.

This island-shaped stand is designed for a 6m x 4m shell scheme with four open sides but due to the unique design of Twist it can easily be altered to fit different size stands.

All displays also come with a central graphic column providing additional branding.

As this is such a modular system, please contact us directly if you would like a custom quote on a bespoke Twist stand to suit your specific requirements.

Lifetime hardware guarantee
Includes printed graphics
Easy change tension graphics

Full details

Kit 25 is made up of 3 x Original Twist Banner Stands 700mm (w) x 2700mm (h) and 8 x Original Twist Banner Stands 1000mm (w) x 2000mm (h). These banners can be used as individual banner stands or joined together for larger backwall display configurations. The system also contains 3 x Flexilink panels 550mm (w) x 2700mm (h) and 3 x Flexilink panels 550mm )w) x 2000mm (h) which join the 11 banner stands together and creates an impressive island-shaped space-only or shell-scheme stand with central graphic column.

This system also comes with 6 x Twist transport bags for easy transportation and 10 x Twist spotlights for bright, even illumination across the display.

The bases are available with a silver or black finish (please contact us for black finish base enquiries.)

As they are highly modular, these stands are popular for businesses or organisations that need to exhibit at multiple trade shows, exhibitions and other events. For smaller events you can use a single or double banner system, adding more complex variations for larger shell schemes or space-only exhibits.

There are also a number of accessories and extras that can be purchased with this stand. These include: a wheeled hardcase upgrade; Twist display shelf; single hardcase graphic wrap and wooden top; double hardcase graphic wrap and wooden top; 22” media twist upgrade (LCD bracket); 32” media twist upgrade (LCD bracket); and Twist counter incl. wheeled hardcase.

As this stand is so modular, custom designs and configurations are available. Please contact us directly for a quote on a custom Twist stand.



Helpful instructional videos and documents

Here's a short video that shows how easy modular Twist stands are to assemble

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