Social Distancing Signs for Shops & Retail

As the UK economy reopens, retail businesses need to adapt to the ‘new normal’ post Covid-19 by implementing social distancing on their premises.

Help protect your staff and customers with our range of social distancing signs for shops and other retail premises.

Social Distancing Signage for Shops and Retail Checkouts

Shops and other retail premises are required to implement new safety strategies to make sure they comply with new regulations imposed by the UK government. It is unclear how long these measures are required for, but whilst the virus is circulating globally it could be for a long period of time.

That’s why Display Wizard have listed a range of social distancing signs for shops and other retail businesses.

Keep Staff and Customers Safe with Retail Social Distancing Screens

Checkout sneeze screens are a great way to both keep staff safe and help customers feel more secure when purchasing items.

These clear protective screens can make your shop more attractive to prospective customers and reduce the spread of customer-facing staff.

Highlight your Shop’s Rules

Whether it’s a polite notice for customers to sanitise their hands, a floor sticker to highlight a one-way system or queue barrier to cordon off areas of the store it’s vital to make your new shop rules clear to customers.

Making customers aware of the social distancing and hygiene rules is a clear part of the risk assessment shops and other retail premises need to undergo, so a printed display is a useful way to highlight these new rules.

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Take a look at our other social distancing products such as freestanding hand sanitiser stations, floor stickers and pavement signs to help your retail store keep visitors safe and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

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