Shield Desk Social Distancing Divider

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Shield Desk Social Distancing Divider

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These Shield Desk Social Distancing Screens have been specifically designed to establish a high quality dividing partition for desk spaces to ensure employee wellbeing, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing solution.

These clear acrylic screens are available in many sizes to fit a wide range of desks, and also have the option of single, double or triple dividers, depending on the size of each workspace you require.

The width and depth of these partitions is the width and depth of the desk you wish to install them on, and the posts can be fixed to the desk via a base plate for added stability.

Custom sizes are available on request. Please contact us for details, or for clarification on sizes.

Product Code: SDD


Our Shield Desk Clear Social Distancing Screen Dividers are a high quality robust yet elegant solution to providing dividing partitions between desks in the workplace. Ideal as office social distancing screens to allow the safe return to the workplace.

These Clear desk social distancing acrylic barriers feature:

  • Laser-cut 6mm clear acrylic screens
  • Aluminium profiles and connectors
  • Posts can be fixed to desk through a base plate
  • Single, double or triple configurations
  • Custom sizes available upon request
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Overall Dimensions (Millimetres)

1200mm (w) x 700mm (d) x 600mm (h)

1200mm (w) x 800mm (d) x 600mm (h) 

1200mm (w) x 1100mm (d) x 600mm (h)

1400mm (w) x 700mm (d) x 600mm (h) 

1400mm (w) x 800mm (d) x 600mm (h)

1400mm (w) x 1100mm (d) x 600mm (h)

1600mm (w) x 700mm (d) x 600mm (h)

1600mm (w) x 800mm (d) x 600mm (h)

1600mm (w) x 1100mm (d) x 600mm (h)

1200mm (w) x 700mm (d) x 1000mm (h)

1200mm (w) x 800mm (d) x 1000mm (h)

1200mm (w) x 1100mm (d) x 1000mm (h)

1400mm (w) x 700mm (d) x 1000mm (h)

1400mm (w) x 800mm (d) x 1000mm (h)

1400mm (w) x 1100mm (d) x 1000mm (h)

1600mm (w) x 700mm (d) x 1000mm (h)

1600mm (w) x 800mm (d) x 1000mm (h)

1600mm (w) x 1100mm (d) x 1000mm (h)

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