LED Pop Up - Connectors

£3.00 £3.60 inc. VAT
£3.00 £3.60 inc. VAT

These connectors allow you to connect your LED Pop Up systems together, for a larger more dynamic display.

The straight connectors create a longer wall, while the corner connectors create a 90-degree corner in your display.

This product includes two connectors. Each join requires two connectors to securely attach, so if you are wanting to join more than one display together you will need to purchase more than one set.

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Connectors to enable the joining of our LED Pop Up Displays.

The straight linking connectors allow a longer wall to be created, while the corner linking connectors allow a 90-degree corner to be created.

Two connectors are provided, whether straight or corner clamps are selected. Each join requires two connectors, so if more than one join is required, one set per join will need to be purchased.