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Eco-Friendly Rotating Leaflet Holder

  • Blue
  • Lilac
  • Orange
  • Green
£224.00 £268.80 inc. VAT
£224.00 £268.80 inc. VAT

This Eco-Friendly Rotating Leaflet Dispenser is an attractive, environmentally friendly literature dispenser, manufactured in wood from sustainable sources.

It is freestanding with a sturdy metal base and features clear leaflet pockets with a 20mm depth inside.

There are four colour options and three sizes available. 

5 year hardware guarantee

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This offer includes all of our Eco-Friendly Literature Holder range including the Eco-Friendly Wall Mounted Leaflet Holder and the Eco-Friendly Freestanding Brochure Holder.

Full details

This Eco-Friendly Rotating Leaflet Dispenser is a strong, attractive and practical rotating literature dispenser.

It is an environmentally friendly product, manufactured in wood from sustainable sources.

It features clear leaflet retainers and is available in three sizes with either 12, 18 or 24 A4 pockets. The inside pocket depth is 20mm.

There are four colour options: Blue, Lilac, Orange and Green. 

Overall Dimensions (Millimetres)

12 x A4 - 250 (w) x 956 (h) x 355 (d)

18 x A4 - 460 (w) x 956 (h) x D460 (d)

24 x A4 - 495 (w) x 956 (h) x 495 (d)

Product Code

Size Code

12 x A4 - LIT-ECO-RT-12xA4

18 x A4 - LIT-ECO-RT-18xA4

24 x A4 - LIT-ECO-RT-24xA4

Colour Code

Blue - BL

Lilac - LC

Orange - OR

Green - GR

E.g. The code for an 18 x A4 Lilac holder is:


Weight(kg) Eco-Friendly Rotating Leaflet Holder-12 x A4 Pockets: 32
Eco-Friendly Rotating Leaflet Holder-18 x A4 Pockets: 38
Eco-Friendly Rotating Leaflet Holder-24 x A4 Pockets: 50


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