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Torrent Mini PVC Banner Holder

£69.00 £82.80 inc. VAT
£69.00 £82.80 inc. VAT

The Torrent Mini is the little brother of the Torrent PVC banner holder and like its bigger brother it's made from lightweight aluminium and is available with or without full colour digitally printed eyelet banners on either standard PVC or mesh PVC.

Its smaller footprint makes it ideal for areas where there are space limitations. Available with single or double sided graphics.

1 year hardware guarantee
Includes printed graphics
Includes carry bag / case

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The Torrent Mini PVC Banner Holder has a lightweight aluminium frame with natural finish 25mm square tubes with reinforced plastic mouldings. The unit is supplied complete with ground pegs so it can be grounded in windy conditions.

The system comes with a single or double sided banner system as standard. These digitally-printed eyelet banners are printed on either standard PVC or mesh PVC. The graphics are secured to the frame by adjustable looped elastic.


Standard PVC Details

  • 510gsm weight
  • Fire rated - tested to DIN 4102-B1
  • Super tenacity smooth matt scrim PVC banner
  • High strength material

Mesh PVC Details

  • 270gsm weight
  • Fire rated - tested to DIN 4102-B1
  • 15% hole to 85& mesh ratio
  • Highly wind resistant


The Torrent Mini banner holder is both lightweight and stable for long periods outdoors and so is suitable for transporting to outdoor events such as country fairs, sporting events or promotional shows, whilst it can also be used for indoor applications if necessary.

The Torrent Mini Outdoor A-Frame includes a carry bag for extra portability.

Overall Dimensions (Millimetres)1200 (h) x 1200 (w)

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